What Is The Difference Between Html5 And Native?

On the front of mobile application development, we have three major options: Html5 web app, Native app, Hybrid/ Cross-Platform App. All these platforms are good, user-friendly having their own merits and demerits but a difficulty arises when you have to choose any one of them. Before selecting it’s important to understand the nuts and bolts... Continue Reading →


What is the best SEO WordPress plugin 2017

There are plenty of free and bit pricey WordPress SEO plugins available in the official WordPress plugin directory for both beginners and power users, here I have selected some of the best and widely used plugin. WordPress is the ruler of e-commerce industries and every eCommerce website development company in Delhi choose WordPress on their... Continue Reading →

API Trends for 2017

API, or an Application Program Interface, is the basis of creating all applications. These are a set of functions that allow applications to be created. One can safely say that 2017 was the year of the API economy. So many different applications were developed and launched that it became hard to keep a track of... Continue Reading →

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