What are the E-commerce Trends for Online Growth?

Technology has not only growing rapidly over the last couple of years, but it has also been moving towards newer trends. One such new trend has been that of e-commerce. E-commerce has become a part of life for not just businesses but for us as consumers as well. With the far-reaching grasp of the Internet, no place is now beyond our reach and no market is too far to pitch our product to. The marketplace is becoming smaller and smaller and e-commerce marketplaces are growing wider and wider with each passing year it seems.

If you have an online business then it is an absolute necessity to be aware of the latest e-commerce trends that are required for online growth today. The first and most important trend that perhaps everyone is clued into is that business is rapidly happening on our smartphones these days. The mobile phone has become one of the biggest mediums through which one can pitch their product or brand from. More and more businesses are advertising themselves as having a mobile app. In fact, any custom software development company can today cater to your needs of developing a mobile application. One can find a WordPress development company in India that is involved in developing mobile and web-based apps such as these.

ecommerce Trends for Online Growth

In an era where customer loyalty is shifting faster than the time zones they travel through, it becomes difficult to hold on to a loyal customer base. Trends indicate that brands are having to offer more and more in return for customer patronage. Be it higher discounts to loyal customers, or a sneak sale preview, or memberships that entice them to shop more. Such loyalty schemes are likely to continue to stay and grow in the years to come.

Yet another trend prevalent in the marketplace is the growing acceptance of digital payments. Digital payments have become commonplace now especially for B2B businesses. Digital payments allow you the ease to receive and send payments at the click of a couple of buttons. It has also become equally easy to track your payments.

digital payment

All said and done, let us not underestimate the importance of fast delivery. Delivery timescales have been reduced drastically and customers are looking towards free shipping. Even smaller brands have to compete with big names to provide free shipping to their customers. Delivery timelines are also becoming more precise. Next day delivery is very much in demand and these are just a few of the trends that e-commerce businesses need to keep in mind while remaining competitive in the business.

So what are you waiting for? Jump onto the e-commerce bandwagon and give your business a push by understanding and keeping up with the e-commerce trends for online growth. Competition is on the rise and time is of the essence. If you have trouble understanding what is going on, well don’t let this stop you. Instead, hire a good e-commerce website development company in Delhi today and give your work the push it needs!


API Trends for 2017

API, or an Application Program Interface, is the basis of creating all applications. These are a set of functions that allow applications to be created. One can safely say that 2017 was the year of the API economy. So many different applications were developed and launched that it became hard to keep a track of them. API integration services were all over the place in 2017, from WordPress development companies to e-commerce application development companies. Here we look at some of the key API trends for 2017.

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APIs are Driving Diverse Platforms

APIs are responsible for creating diverse platforms and apps. They create systems that are able to connect and share data with one another. As APIs are essential for customizing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and cloud platforms providers are also using APIs extensively to work in collaboration with development partners for fine-tuning app performances. According to a WordPress development company in India, all these companies are having an urgent requirement to create new business models, and therefore, the demand for APIs is on the rise drastically. 

API is a New and Evolving Market

While APIs have been around the market for some time now, it is only in the last two to three years that app and software developers have started using APIs extensively. In fact, over 50% of all API providers actually started their businesses nearly five years ago. However, the last two years have witnessed a sudden surge in these companies being launched. Just in the last two years, 20% of API provider companies were launched exclusively. New API companies are providing their services like never before, with the market evolving at a rapid pace with new resources being used by API-providers along with eCommerce application development.

Dealing with Security

Many API consumers, as well as application developers, believe that APIs increase the security threats of the apps. Many users also feel that security breaches are one of the biggest risks of using APIs. All the parties involved want these security issues to be resolved at the earliest. On the other hand, though, many developers also feel that it is the digital security feature of APIs that will drive the API market forward. Therefore, a huge majority of technology providers and API providers are focusing their efforts on testing the security of APIs. It is likely that before the year 2017 comes to an end, there will be a solution to this issue.

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Mobile Technology to Drive APIs

The smartphone platform is growing by leaps and bounds and the trend is not expected to slow down any time soon. Nearly 65% of all API developers and providers already support the mobile platform worldwide and they firmly believe that mobile technology is going to be the key driver for APIs in the coming years. Nearly 80% of all API providers now offer both external and internal API solutions for the mobile platform.

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Increasing the Number of Supported Platforms

While APIs are one of the major major platforms for making mobile apps, it is still not the biggest platform served by APIs. Websites still remain the biggest platform that is served by APIs and mobile comes in a close second. Desktop falls in the third place of the overall API market share. And only one in every five APIs support the Internet of Things (IoT). It is expected that by the end of 2017, mobile and IoT will receive more API coverage.

Whatever way one looks at the market, there is no denying that the market for APIs is going to experience a global surge. 2017 should witness further growth of this platform and more proliferation as well.

Top 10 Custom App Development Trends 2017

The rapid pace of the growth of mobile applications is growing proportionately with the growth in smartphones. Smartphones have become second nature to us, an inseparable part of our lives. No wonder then that we prefer to use mobile apps for the ease of our smartphones as compared to using websites. Mobile apps are here to stay and custom app development is growing hand in hand with the mobile apps market. Let us take a look at the top ten custom app development trends.

Top 10 Custom App Development Trends

Security Apps are in Demand: With many financial transaction companies popping up these days and conducting financial transactions by the dozens, there is an increased demand from consumers for security applications that protect their data and their money. Many apps now have incorporated advanced encryption provisions such as SSL and HTTPS that ensure that any e-commerce transaction remains secure; there is an increase in the demand for a custom application development company to develop security based applications.

Rise in Cloud-driven Mobile Apps: Cloud technology helps consumers have access to their data from anywhere and everywhere in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise then that the demand for cloud-based or cloud-driven mobile applications is on the rise. Some of the prime examples of this include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. It is expected that the new generation of custom apps that will be built will be able to not only fetch data directly from the cloud but will also take up minimum space within your Smartphone’s internal memory.

Apps Enabling Internet of Things are the Future: In the year 2016, a trend was observed wherein there were many devices that were enabled with the Internet-of-Things (IoT). This trend emerged for the first time, is expected to gain traction in 2017 and catch on with the masses in the coming years. The IoT allows users to remain connected to their devices (even if the device is at home and user is at office location) from a faraway location and control them remotely.

Applying a Human Touch to the App: As per a WordPress development company in India, an upcoming trend in the industry is going to be of giving a human feel to apps. A prime example of this will be the recent Tamagotchi product that was a rage. Custom app designers are trying to incorporate personality and charm into their apps and also adding a factor of fragility to give the apps a human touch.

The growth of Weather Apps: As we experience a phase of dramatic climate shift all over the world, custom weather apps have become the need of the hour. In fact weather is also being used by companies to provide with their API integrated services. People want to download on-time, current and reliable weather apps for accessing weather predictions and plan their day to day activities and travel plans accordingly.

Wearable Custom Apps are growing in Popularity: Wearable technology has witnessed a sharp rise in popularity in the last two to three years. Technologies such as Apple’s watch and FitBit and other similar products are some of the popular wearable apps and their popularity points towards a trend where we see apps being used for fitness purposes as well.

Taking Location-based Technology to the Next Level: Let’s admit it; we have grown so used to having Google Maps point us in the correct direction that we perhaps can no longer imagine a life without this valuable app. Similarly, other location-based apps are also rising in popularity. They are being used for finding locations, restaurants, locating stores, locating a missing child or pet, and so on and so forth. These custom apps are witnessing a sharp rise in popularity and will continue to do so in coming years.

Hybrid Technologies are equally popular: Tools like AngularJS, Sencha Touch, Cordova and other are being frequently used for developing hybrid apps. A hybrid app combines both JavaScript and HTML5 technologies, combining the best of both worlds basically.

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Big Data Applications will also Witness a Surge in Demand: A recent survey undertaken by Hadoop found that over 75% of the respondents use some form of big data tool in 2017 and are likely to be using it more extensively in the coming time. This is a big indication for custom app developers as this should point them to developing a balance in creating a user-friendly interface and also having reliable functionality in big data apps. We should be witnessing a boom in mobile apps that provide IoT, cloud computing and big data processing all rolled in one.

The popularity of Mobile Messaging to Keep Growing: Mobile messaging apps will continue to grow as the market for Smartphone keeps growing at a furious pace. Many more instant messaging or chatting apps are expected to be launched in stores with unique functions and features in the coming months.

It is expected that the next few years will witness a sharp rise of mobile apps across all industries. This will also show an overall increase in the mobile ad revenues as well. So custom app developers need to be aware on which niche to tap into in order to create the next big mobile app.

What’s The Secret Recipe of Getting Five Star Reviews?

Definitely, good reviews can help our creation grow better. Undoubtedly it plays a vital role in the development & growth, especially in the fields of commerce. Good customer reviews can also encourage other possible users to do acquire business services and products. High rating or good reviews can improve the business brand and also give confidence to their audience to make a deal.  It works as the stairs of success. A service based company such as web design and development services, android app development services and much more can get huge benefits by the five-star reviews and ratings.

A good quality review reflects an impressive impression which can attract future users because we all read and concern about these reviews. If we see any negative review on shopping website we cancel the deal without any delay.   A user can review your product/service by commenting or giving stars. So how many stars you are expecting for your creation? Definitely, five-star reviews are something the owner/developer willing to have from the users.

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But some of the new comers or even well experts fail to grab those valuable reviews positively. Are you also stuck there? Have you ever figured out the reason behind it?

Well, let’s find out with me what the best approaches to get good reviews are. In this article, I will be providing you the secret recipe of getting five-star reviews.

  • Following The Trends Blindly Is Surely Not Something You Should Do:

Most of us might think if we release some app based on trending issues we may get easy success, but trust me, most of the time it doesn’t work that way. If you are bringing something that already exists, that not gonna attract users, forget about the 5-star review. Do something creative or innovative that may entertain users or grow their knowledge or make some of their tasks easier. And ask yourself “Why Should They Use My Product?” if you have a good reply to meet the customer expectations then go for it.

Feedback Implementation: In the early stages you may get below the belt feedbacks. Don’t worry. Keep working on them, solve those issues commented by your users and grow your creation. Ask for reviews by the customers who are happy with your products or services. Obviously, they will not leave good reviews until unless they are really satisfied and happy.

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Better Technology: Use latest technologies to provide quality service. A robust product which can stand out in the front of their business competitors can automatically get good reviews. And in order to make robust product make sure you are installing latest and innovative technology in your business. For an example, if you hire a person from any android or iPhone app development company, make sure they are using latest technologies.

Performance: after product build makes factor make matter is that performance or work of the product or services as per the expectations. Keep your testing skills high. Make sure all the bugs are eliminated. Failing to meet a customer’s expectations can give your business negative reviews.

Customer Support: Customer satisfaction is another big factor, keep that in mind. You must do everything that will please your users.

Customer Support

You will find reviewing system everywhere now. Getting a review involves simple process but without putting efforts you are unable to do anything. For example, if you hire an expert from a WordPress development company in India, they will also provide reviewing system without even considering it a subject that needs to be asked. That’s the importance of reviewing system in the present market.

Build a WooCommerce Mobile App Instantly

Get a customized mobile app for your WooCommerce website & store.

People who are not familiar with WooCommerce let me give them some brief description that WooCommerce was evolved as a free WordPress plugin.  And you can create your full featured online store through WooCommerce in no seconds. WooCommerce is the most prominent name of e-commerce development platform which has covered about 20 to 30 percent of e-commerce market space.

woocommerce mobile app

Why WooCommerce Builder Gained the Popularity as the Best E-Commerce Platform

WooCommerce powered by WordPress offers great features for your mobile app in minutes. Latest design standard, themes allows you to display your business essence and presence in a more effective way. WooCommerce promises to make an online store simply and with complete access and total control of your online store and data. Continue reading “Build a WooCommerce Mobile App Instantly”

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