Build a WooCommerce Mobile App Instantly

Get a customized mobile app for your WooCommerce website & store.

People who are not familiar with WooCommerce let me give them some brief description that WooCommerce was evolved as a free WordPress plugin.  And you can create your full featured online store through WooCommerce in no seconds. WooCommerce is the most prominent name of e-commerce development platform which has covered about 20 to 30 percent of e-commerce market space.

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Why WooCommerce Builder Gained the Popularity as the Best E-Commerce Platform

WooCommerce powered by WordPress offers great features for your mobile app in minutes. Latest design standard, themes allows you to display your business essence and presence in a more effective way. WooCommerce promises to make an online store simply and with complete access and total control of your online store and data. Continue reading “Build a WooCommerce Mobile App Instantly”

The Future Of WordPress In 2017

The purpose of this post is to bestow brief about WordPress development cycle in current state and what height it can climb in next year.

WordPress has been collected high amount of reputation being a blogging platform. It covered almost 25 to 30 percent of web market space. Behind this popularity WordPress has robust features to occupy that large amount of online space and also growing, expanding on day by day because of the strong and active WordPress community which continuously engaged to make it a better solution. With a simple framework and loads of free and premium themes and plugins for WordPress, we can build any type of website with very less learning curve. Most of the themes comprise drag-and-drop page building, popularized by Visual Composer.

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A few days back there is no facility to customize the standard theme, but as we have said WordPress is updating on every day. It now facilitates their users with a custom CSS feature, means now even standard themes can easily be improved with CSS. Building an online presence for websites, blogs, membership sites, training courses, and products and services was not as easy as it becomes after the evolvement of WordPress platform. Although the competition was also rising at the rocket speed still it manages to stand out in front of the competitors. Continue reading “The Future Of WordPress In 2017” vs – Which is better?

Say WordPress and confused sets of eyes look at you! or… one asks but what is the difference between the two? Another voice says this confusion is understandable and lets us clear it for you. and two different things! However, the two have a common connect – software! While is a software repository, is a hosting service that uses the same core software.

Now, let us get into the details!

To create an account registration is required with but there is no requirement to register your account with offers all the popular features such as sharing, stats, comments, and polls. There is no need to install plugins unlike in is a resource repository which lets website owners to -do everything by themselves. Here, “WordPress” software and plugins are freely available to the public. Additionally, one can also purchase premium plugins for an elevated experience. Most e-commerce development companies and web development companies in Delhi use to create, modify or enhance their designs and functionality.

With, website owners and designers can modify core PHP, change or update themes, add jQuery elements, and/or install plugins. It is the best way to enhance a website. Platforms like Woocommerce Mobile App are well integrated with WordPress and make the task of design and development even easier.

Though it is very easy to install the WordPress software and start working on your project, you will need hosting to keep the site live and running — and of course, it is not free.

Now, let’s discuss It is free hosting service which comes with its pros and cons. You get quality hosting services along with a few perks like security, backup, and plugins. A major flip side is that you can’t modify PHP source code or upload plugins. has personal support to assist their users while you need to visit the support forums for assistance. In case if you’re planning to establish E-commerce application development then is a better choice as the integration of third-party e-commerce tools or apps are free with it.

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On the front of website’s backup, you will not have to worry about updates or backups with And this is one of few cons of using the self-hosted site. Here you are responsible for updates or backups.

Where is best:

  1. For all those who are hobbyist bloggers. It’s a low-cost method to share your thoughts, images, and connect with others online.
  2. For small scale companies where design and branding don’t matter a lot to them.

Where is best:

  1. For all professional bloggers who want to monetize their blog
  2. For all the companies who want to use the blog as a marketing channel and for affiliate marketing purposes. those who are looking to build a fully-fledged business

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Now if someone asks which one is better, I can say that both are! There are pros and cons in both as well as Go with the free if you are planning a private “our family” site. On the other hand, go with if you want to pick a great framework for your business.

7 Things You Need To Know When Choosing The Right Web Design Agency

Gradually we are becoming more flexible with the virtual world because of 24*7 availability and easy access websites are earning huge popularity as a great business tool. Large business companies are spending a huge amount of money to attract people. Even the medium or small business groups aren’t behind when it is about taking the advantage of this technology. 

An old, slow, complicated and unattractive website will reduce the impact. So to achieve maximum result one must provide best web service to their customers. Hiring an experienced web designing & developing team is essential for a light weighted & optimized site, but so many high profile web designing & developing options can confuse one while choosing the right developing team for their task.

In this article, we will be discussing 7 primary things you must know while choosing the best web development company for you.

best web design company-AvyaTech Continue reading “7 Things You Need To Know When Choosing The Right Web Design Agency”

With WooCommerce App Take More Control Over The Website and Its Data

For those who are not aware with WooCommerce app let me explain to them WooCommerce app one of the most flexible and extensible e-commerce plugins for WordPress used and appreciated by wide range of online stores.

Highlighted Features of WooCommerce App:

  • Easy to use and offers up-selling and cross-selling features.
  • The best tool that can be used in describing the products.

WooCommerce app caters a wide range of options to add products and which types of products you can add are listed below.

  • Simple Product – These are unique items with no variations having a single price and SKU.
  • Variable Products- Products like t-shirts that will have different sizes, colors and prices come into this category. It listed products having different Attributes and Variations.
  • Grouped Products- It clusters multiple product items into a single product page.
  • External/Affiliate Products you are promoting on your website for sale but available on another website.

WooCommerce app by avyatech

Mobile Responsive:

The WooCommerce mobile app is a fully optimized app for all the smaller screens. With an instant support and update facilities, users can search services or products on their handheld devices. This complete mobile-optimized app is not only increasing user engagement, lead generation, sales, and conversions but also important to get favorable search engine rankings. Continue reading “With WooCommerce App Take More Control Over The Website and Its Data”

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